As mentioned in another thread, I have the hubby type who has worked hard (5 minutes worth) to put together a data base for me. It will catagorise the various types of products/services available to photographers around the world. When you travel some of the questions that arise is: Will I be able to obtain my tpe of film at that location? What if my camera breaks in Katmundu where do I get it repaired? Are there rental darkrooms in Costa rica? The list goes on. As Philldresser has suggested, instead of me slowly going to people to get their information about their location, and entering it all myself, I need people who woule volunteer for their respective location and use a template I would supply to enter the data. this then can be incorporated into the main data base and more quicly become available to all.

It will be available on the Emulsion Magazine site, which Sean is linking directly to apug. It will help both sites attract more people.