Thanks John.
The topic for the March/ April MSA is "On the Road".

Interpret it however you wish, but the photograph has to feature a road/ highway/track.
So, for example, any building by the road, transport using the road, landscape featuring a road or people next to or on the road etc. - just so long as the road is included.

For any new readers, here's the basic idea of the MSA :

1. Read the MSA assignment
2. Take your photo according to the assignment guidelines
3. You can post your photo in the MSA Gallery : Click Here or,
4. You can host your photo elsewhere and link to it in this thread or,
5. You can post it right in the message here and it will show as a clickable thumbnail.
6. It's all for fun, there are no prizes, but at the end of the MSA, the current host and judge will choose a "Victim" to lead an MSA in a couple of months time.
7. If you have any questions, please email or PM and I'll be happy to help.

thanks all, enjoy and looking forward to seeing some great "Road" pictures.