Thanks everybody, I'm overwhelmed! I have never experienced such a warm welcome in any forum before!

A Hasselblad? Well, to be honest, I have been thinking about one seriously. Especially as I live not far from the factory where they were made. I learnt a few things from my grandfather, though, and one thing is that it is wiser to concentrate on one good camera system rather than on several systems, which by nature would have to be either less complete or built around lenses of lower quality. (Needless to say he owned an uncountable number of cameras, many more than he could ever use.). This is not to say that I would mind owning a Hasselblad with a few lenses and magazines, or a Fuji GSW690III for that matter. But right now my photography would probably benefit more from a robust tripod. (The Gitzo GT3530LSV + Markins M20 seems like good a combination, if the hype is to be believed).

I have developed about a dozen of rolls by myself, and I'm starting to like Plus-X in Paterson Aculux3 (FP4+ in D76 is not too bad either). I fight spots on the negatives by using a combination of distilled water + photo flo + isopropanol and then wiping the non-emulsion side dry with a clean cloth.

Nice to see a lot of Scandinavian people being film oriented as well, I thought film was almost dead over here. The Swedish magazine Foto hasn't had a single word to say about film in the last 2-3 years. The last time must have been when they reviewed the Leica M7 and concluded that it was a nice camera, but using film was a nuissance. (OK, there has been an article or two about the toy camera hype, but that's about it.)

Well, thanks again, you have convinced me that this is surely a good place to spend some time! See you in the forums!

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)