We live in a world filled with people that are in a constant rush, can't wait for anything, need instant gratification.

I find it oddly funny that people will comment on how I need to slow my walking pace and take time to enjoy just walking - all the while they are the ones rushing through everything else in life. They can't wait to see an actual photo print, they simply must have it now, they must share it immediately, they must have an instant reaction. Why? It doesn't change anything if you see the photo today or a week from today. The photo will remain the same. The sentiment felt when viewing it will be the same no matter when it's seen. No one knows how much time has passed until you tell them. Whatever you missed seeing has been missed no matter how quickly you are able to view a photo. Viewing a photo only moments or hours after it occurs doesn't change that you weren't there.

I guess I'm feeling ranty tonight.