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life, and your project, get interesting. We are living those choices now with a March 15th turnover date of the system to the process group. That is 14 days away and I haven't put a wafer in the chamber yet under process control.

See y'all about the third week of March. Maybe unemployed. *L*

tim in san jose

For your sake I hope you're kidding about the unemployment.

For our sake - well it would give you more free time for the "One Camera" project!

Just kidding.

Things are a bit "hairy" in my shop right now too. Talk is of merger or perhaps reducing scope, of US biz etc. Or maybe even exiting US market altogether.

Our bank is state-owned and not supposed to lose Euros - and now we've taken a big "hit" in the US subprime mortgage area.

Oh well.....life goes on.