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Newton Ellis quoted a 4 week turnaround when I asked them for a quote a few weeks ago. They also wanted twice as much as the Exakta Circle repair guy I eventually found.
You must have caught them at a busy time - 2 weeks is normal, although a repair of a specific model may of course take longer because only 1 guy can do it. The last time I tried Ed Trzoska, he was talking a 6-week turnaround.
Inevitably a larger company with overheads will charge more than a guy working on his own. I like Newton Ellis because they have been able to do good repairs on everything I have sent (including things like a Retina Reflex, which a lot of repairers won't touch, and a Day studio shutter, which most repairers have never heard of). Maybe in your case the Exakta expert was on holiday or had 'flu!