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I'm sorry that you think of Sarasota as a wasteland. I've been here since '81. Now I don't have the experience of LA or Denver to compare to, but I make due. I order on line, get stuff in a few days. No point in complaining. We got those white sand beaches and balmy days!

There is a used photo show up in St Pete at least once a year that seems to have all kinds of stuff for you to salivate over. I think Nancy Green runs it.

You might want to try North Tampa Photo, or Colonial Photo in Orlando.
Those "white sand beaches" are what the Sarasota School Board used to tell us were compensation for our low salaries in 1969. Can't eat them, can't develop with them. I lived here from 1959 to 1972, visited often, and now am here again to take care of my aging parents. Some places appeal to one set of folks, some to another. In my heart, I'm a Westerner.

I know that I can travel to other cities, or mail order things, but that's exactly my point. There's nothing like walking into a well stocked store, maybe finding some odd widget at a markdown table, and chatting with the staff. Some of my most precious photo items I paid a buck or three for and are irreplacable. Guess I got spoiled when I was a kid and my pro photographer father would take me into Willoughby's on Fifth Avenue in NYC.

The old Norton's on Main Street, while small, was at least a "real" photo store with great staff. Gone. So, yes, I'm back to my dismissive "wasteland designation.

It's hard to go back to Gallo after Chateu Lafitte-Rothschild! Sorry if I sound disappointed, unappreciative, and spoiled. I am.