Must have been the Dry Martini screwing up the comprehension of your post Andrey.
Dali was of another era. If surrealistic painting was made so easy as with Photoshop,
probably he wouldn't have done much. Its hard to consider the revolution of surrealism
when its so easy to do montage and mutation of images, then print a million identical
copies of it. Surrealism was all about screwing up your perception of reality and playing
with your mind and digital manipulation has made that so common place its not happening anymore.

If you want to talk about an "traditional" artist that used computers, talk about Andy Warhol who
used the revolutionary Amiga 1000 and loved it, considering it a great tool for his work. He didn't
abandon his other media though, just added one more tool to use. He was also a Pop artist and
so one should approach this differently.