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If the Mythbusters show was only about 10 or 15 minutes, without all the repetition and cerebral-ness (duh factor) it would be watchable and sometimes entertaining. As is they take all the fun out of it and take forever to get to the last 2 minutes where they finally shoot something or blow it up or whatever. What was the last show, showing how long it takes for grass to grow or paint to dry? BORING!!!
The few times I watch it, I usually download .avi versions, and the fact that it's geared towards a station with constant commercial interruptions is apparent... the pattern is so annoying: 2 minutes of flashback, 2 minutes of new content, 2 minutes of "what's up next" <spot for commercial segment>, 2 minute flashback, 2 minute new content, 2 minute "up next", <spot for commercial>, etc.

I couldn't imagine having to put up with all that repetition plus a bunch of crappy commercials.

TV becomes so absurd once you've been away from it for a significant amount of time.