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But isn't remaking a product once existing just looking back into the past?
First of all, I like that a lot of good products, some of them old(er) ones, stay on the market. Therefore it is good to see that Adox/Fotoimpex keeps old Adox (made by Efke) available, as well as OrWo NP15 (Adox Pan 25) and will do so for Agfa APX25/100/400. For the same reasons it is good to see that Maco brings replacements for Technical Pan (ATP), Scala (Superpan 200) as well as OrWo NP15 (Rollei PAN 25).

On the other hand it would also be nice to see some totally new products, but who is going to be ready willing and able to do so? Kodak? Fuji? Ilford? Agfa-Gevaert? Foma?

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