Hi folks,

Thank you for taking the time to read this public service announcement! I have two subjects;

  • Photo date: from time to time an MSA participant asks if photos must be taken during the current MSA time period. The basic answer is "yes". We would like to see contest entry photos be those taken with an MSA entry in mind. We will assume, unless it is noted differently in the submission, that this what has been done. However.....should you have a photo in your collection that you think would fit the the theme, and should you wish to post that photo anyway, then we'd love to see it, and there's no problem posting it, BUT...please make a note about the fact that it is not a current photo. And yes,the session judge will take that into account when she/he picks their victim.

  • My term as MSA organiser: is over for a while. I have some other stuff happening (all good stuff - I'm looking forward to it) that means I will have less and less time to spend at a computer, so I have asked FilmSprocket if he would be willing to share the duties of organiser with me. He has agreed, so until Marc needs a break he will be the leader, and will guide you through the next bunch of MSA sessions. When he wants a holiday, we'll switch back again.

I'll be checking in sometimes, and hopefully will have enough time to snap a shutter open and closed, and might even get to post a photo myself

cheers for now - and thank you for playing along!

It's all yours Marc