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Liquid Light is a good material to learn the craft on, as it's the least expensive--at least here in the States--mainly because it has the lowest silver content of any available liquid emulsion. Maco/Rollei's silver content is much higher, and Kentmere's (which used to be Silverprint IIRC) is the highest...and of course, its higher price reflects that. I would consider starting out with Liquid Light, and then once you've gotten yourself in the groove, graduate to the better stuff so you can crank out some really fine material.
You have analyses to show this silver difference? The reason I ask is that the same emulsion can give a different density depending on how it is made. It would be interesting to know if you have data to back up the 'silver content' because if you don't, I suspect that they might (MIGHT) be the same silver content just treated differently in the finishing operation.