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Thanks for the clarification. Needless to say, all of us make similar errors.

So, I guess that thus far the differences shown have been pretty minimal at that...regarding all of the hoopla with the release of the new Tmax 400-similar to the fan fare when Rollei R3 film was released? Lots of promise, but not much substance? When photographers with the well deserved reputation of John Sexton "suggest" a major advantage when using a newly released film many of us sit up and take notice. I suppose more answers are still to come.

I feel that the new TMY-2 is a move forward from the old TMY but it is lots of little advances rather than one big leap. It has (in my opinion) better grain (subtle), better resolving power (subtle), better contrast (subtle)...to me 3 subtles = a better film...and even if it is just a little bit better this is better than discontinued.

I have posted two articles on this film on my web site: www.figitalrevolution.com as well as discussion here on APUG...my testing is on 35mm.

Article: ONE

Stephen Schaub

PS- I agree that this film is box speed...has been in the last 3 developers I tested.