Thank you, John, for keeping this APUG event going and for running it so well and I wish you much success with the new 'road' you are taking in your life. I'm happy to help out with things here during your temporary leave of absence.

I just took a look at all 8 pages of photographs of the past entries in the MSA Gallery and was very impressed. I also took a look at many of the early messages of the MSA and noticed that one of the early issues that some members had when this first started out was that one month is too short to enter quality work. Which is why I entitled this message the way I did. I wonder how many non-participating members think this really is a monthly assignment?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just under two months to enter photographs for this member organized function. I hope that in addition to our regular contributors, we begin to see new folks and others that haven't entered in a while. I find the MSA (BMSA?) photographically stimulating. Especially with this term's assignment, which is "On the Road" as suggested by 'ajmiller'. With John's temporary absence, things will continue as they have and I can't wait to see the upcoming photographs!

Okay, this message is long enough. Good luck and good light!