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Any guesses about which side the emulsion will be on?

My vague plan is to develop a first trial plate by inspection in HC-110. What have other people shooting old plates used as a development protocol?
I shot some 1930s Agfa plates in a 6.5x9cm camera with good results. There was a fair bit of mottling on the image that was caused by mould or some kind of deterioration of the emulsion, but I expected something like that. I think it would be disappointing to shoot old plates & have them come out looking like brand new stock.

In my experience all old plates were packed in pairs, emulsion to emulsion.
I would assume several stops of speed loss. From memory the Agfa plates were nominally iso 50 approx & I ended up rating them at iso 6.
I used HC-110 with the standard time for APX 100 plus about 10% & that worked well for most of them. I tried one plate in Diafine & that also worked well.

I recently bought some old stock of 9x12 Ferrania Infra Red plates & that is something I will be testing once I have thought about it a bit.