You cannot make the different supports on the same equipment as they use different making procedures. Once made, the two film supports cannot be coated with emulsion on the same equipment. You need different subbing or electrostacic processes on each machine. The electrostatic device requires a complex light trap to prevent fogging the film as it produces heavy UV and the emulsion must be capable of taking to the support which is charged.

With an electrostatic device, you also have to have a complex discharge machine to dissipate the charge so as to avoid static fog while coating at high speed.

If the plant is built for both, then there is no problem, otherwise it takes $$$.

This does not even account for the different grades of film such as 2mil, 5 mil and 7 mil. The machine must have variable tensioning for these.

This is a very very simplified picture of the various problems. If the plant is built for them all, then there is no problem.