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I'm getting ready to do my first attempt at tray developing (been using a Unicolor drum), which will also be my first time with Pyrocat. I've got some J&C Classic on the way, but I've got some BPF200 that I'll be using up, learning how to do tray processing without scratches, etc...

Anyway, which dilution should I use (1:1:100 or 2:2:100) and for how long (agitating 5 sec every 30 seconds)? Just looking for a ballpark for the first time - these are normal contrast negs.

What are you planning to do in the way of printing these negatives? If you want these developed to a density range suitable for enlarging the I would develop in the 1-1-100 dilution. If you want a density range that is suitable for contact printing on Azo, for instance, then the 2-2-100 dilution would be in order.

I would typically develop normal contrast BPF 200 for six minutes at 70 degrees.