Hello Anke, Phil, Todd and Erin,

My wife kept telling me I was getting these packages in the mail while I was out on this extended business trip. Talk about me being impatient. Well I finally got home yesterday for one day before heading back out and all I can say is 'what a treat'. I want to thank everyone for such beautiful work. Todd I love the screen. I've been trying to methadone my wife into figure studies behind such a screen--to no avail I might add! I enjoy the layers it gave the picture as well as the layered thoughts that came with it. Well done. Erin I am not familiar with mordencage (sp) but loved the effect. You will have to share what goes in on such a nice application. Anke, I want to be on that dark tunnel/road/back alley--it fits my personality. Phil, your kallitype was stunning. I can't do a flower worth a damn and everytime I see one as beautiful as the one you sent me I think man I've got to try that only to botch it up. It is absolutely breathtaking and my wife commandered it immediately. I have to go into her study to see it now.

Thanks all. Prints from folks like ya'll are the reason I keep being involved in the exchanges.