I'd never call an 8x11 minox a toy, (maybe the plastic 'ECs', but they're not real Minoxes are they ). The metal ones are true icons of classic design and precision engineering.
I've also wondered why there's no sub-miniature forum and would welcome one as it might encourage me to use mine more. I wouldn't get too hung up on definitive definitions, just call it Sub-mini and let people decide where to put APS / half frame posts, it will sort itself out in the wash.
I would however have to think about where my Minhole camera belongs, being a pinhole camera made from a Minox film box.
Here's the result of my first attempt with it http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/20...ex.php?id=1161
And here's some hasty scans of some I took with Minox B:

Oh yes, I vote for the man in the window too, reminds of Nosferatu.