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They will. The first run of cameras would have to have to be modified but there is a good supply of new (old style) holders around. Cameras from here on out will be made to the new specs. The camera are being built to take S & S holders. Whats been happing and this works the best is to buy the camera and 3 film holders, the camera is then custom fitted to the holders you buy. Or if you have holders the camera and/or holders can be custom fitted to each other.

Setting a standard is a good start. I have seem holders from the same manufacture vary. Then there are the camera makers that make there own cameras and holders to their own standard.

Fantastic Richard!

Perhaps we can eventually have a much easier to use system for the end users. That is something that is long overdue.

It isn't all that tough to modify a holder to match a standard back either. Someone could boost some income just doing that. As I see it, the biggest problem would be moving the riblock and if the end user could live with the old one being milled away and the new one being installed in a new groove, this also would not be too much of a headache.

This is great news from you Richard. Thanks very much.