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I just got a 105mm enlarger lens at a very good price, however, the mount is not M39 which is what my enlarger needs. I thought I could fabricate something to do the job but it's not as easy as I thought.

Any suggestions?

The enlarger is a Saunders/lpl 6700, no removable lens board. The lens is a Schneider Componar.
Schneider has an adapter labelled "0 to Leica Mount". 32.5 mm threaded hole with 39mm outer threads. It is, however, expensive now. (I bought one when it was much cheaper for a 150mm Comparon.) B&H has it for $48. See: Mfr # 92010711 B&H # SCLAM32.5.

Cambridge has it for $32, but they are NOT well know for good customer relations.

Considering that the Componar is one of the less expensive Schneider enlarging lenses, it seems a waste to spend so much on an adapter.

On the Saunders/LPL web site, it shows a replacement lensboard. It might be possible to have a replacement lensboard fabricated with a 32.5mm hole drilled. You'd have to use a jamb nut, but it might be cheaper than getting the adapter. I own one of these enlargers, and I'll take a look at it and see if I see any simple solutions.

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