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Judging by some of the posts I have seen on APUG it seem that there are a number of sub-mini, 110, 16mm and Minox users here. Too bad we don't have a Submini forum.

I've been asking the same question on the Dutch forum here at APUG without an overwhelming response. But when I look at recent posts on various other Minox fora, German and American mainly, I really think there is some kind of revival.

A Minox 8x11 camera isn't a toy and neither is it a spy camera. It is very small but impressive machine you can take wherever you go. Because almost nobody will notice the camera or take it seriously you can take pictures whenever you like without disturbing the scene. It certainly has limitations you have to live with.

I like my Minox B very much. He is at DAG at this moment and I miss him.

My major concerns about 8x11 are the costs and the availability of material: I have to buy my film abroad. Also for a beginner it is hard to find information about DIY developing.

My Minox results are on Flickr.