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My major concerns about 8x11 are the costs and the availability of material: I have to buy my film abroad. Also for a beginner it is hard to find information about DIY developing.

My Minox results are on Flickr.
Out of curiousity where do you get your film? Are you loading cassettes yourself or do you get them pre-loaded somewhere?

Recently another member of my local camera club who is a Ukrainian immigrant suggested a Kiev-30 might be an interesting addition to my collection after I mentioned I had an interest in FSU rangefinders - but as it takes unperforated 16mm film in custom cassettes, finding film for it might be a challenge...

I might be interested in sub-minis myself, but film availability and ease-of-loading is definitely an issue. In that general arena I might be more interested in half-frame cameras (not technically "sub-mini", but getting closer while still being able to use regular 35mm film).