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Glad you've found somewhere good.

If you want to send away, or if you come south of the Bombay Hills, you can try Imagelab - they also have a shop in Chch. There is another professional lab right opposite Imagelab (name escapes me at the moment) in Wellington, though I've never used them myself.

From what I've been told, Imagelab handles all the E6 and LF processing for several of the camera shops in Wellington.
I've started using Imagelab myself as I simply don't have the time or energy to develop my 35mm stuff anymore because of Uni. They do brilliant work so far (much smoother grain than I've ever gotten, probably because of more constant water temps as I usually don't bother warming up my stop and fix). I'm building up the courage to take them some of my 4x5 negs too. Maybe this week...