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Out of curiousity where do you get your film? Are you loading cassettes yourself or do you get them pre-loaded somewhere?
First of all I use factory loaded film an I develop it using a Minox daylight development tank [1].

Canada eh? Try Frugal Photographer :-)

Ilford Delta 100 I get from Marcus-Michael Dunkmann [2] in Solingen. Marcus is also selling Minopan 25, 100 and AGFA Copex. Officially he isn't shipping outside Europe but I think you can give it a try.

Another source can be Fotoimpex in Berlin [3]. They sell Ilford Delta 100 Minopan and Copex. In the German catalogue they listed an Adox KB14, which is in fact an Adox CHS 25 ART. A customer bought all the remaining stock and they where considering discontinuing the product. I asked them several times and now they have new stock for Euro 4,75 per film!!! Fotoimpex is shipping worldwide. There is a downloadable German 2008 and English 2007 catalog on their site.

Slitted film and loading service is offered by Goathill [4].

Minox in Wetslar [5] is as far as I know only selling colorfilm.

[1] http://www.submin.com/8x11/collection/minox/ (left menu > Accessories > Development tanks)
[2] http://www.8x11film.com
[3] http://www.photoimpex.de e-mail: info@fotoimpex.de ask for Benjamin Greiner
[4] http://www.subclub.org/sponsors/goathil2.htm
[5] www.minox.de