I like Magritte.
He doesn't try to overwhelm you with a plethora of elements like Dali
but he sticks to one simple idea that he presents clearly.
He follows the aethetics of naturalistic painting with one major element
out of the ordinary, enough to transcend to the realm of surrealism.

Sun of Sand's argument is largely incomprehensible to me because of his
confusing command of the language. I think his point is that its ok
not to like a work of art, one that to him is not of any interest. He seems
to find that the central idea of the painting, "to disturb", is unsuccessful
because of its lack of originality.
Surrealism was a response to the infatuation of its time with "logic" and
a matter-of-fact attitude and their playful but serious play with the instinct,
the irrational and the subconscious.
One is very much excused for not finding their work original or imaginative
or artistically important but I believe that is very much because of the
influence they had on the artworld and culture.

Maybe we could also discuss surrealist photography?