I was thinking about what camera to start out with when you are a beginner. I have some neighbour and friends looking for a camera that will be good for starting up. I would like to have you guys and girls in here comment on my recommendations.

I really recommend starting out using a manual camera with manual focus. Then you can learn the basics of shutter speed, aperture, focusing and DOF. If you start out with a fully automatic camera like my Canon EOS 30 (ELAN 7E) with AF (that can follow your eye and focus at what you look at), programs and all the other stuff that helps you in your daily photography and I'm very happy to have (especially aperture priority and AF).
But as a beginner you won't learn the basics which is essential. Of course the beginner could set the camera to manual and disable the autofocus...but we all know that it won't happen...or at least, it takes a lot of strength not to switch the electronics on and shoot away...

What do you think?