Hi folks. Papagene and I were talking and decided to plan a get-together for fun, friends and photography this summer. We were hoping to have it as a send off for gr82bart, but the guy is heading off to sunny CA before we can get it together. We'll have a beer and think fond thoughts of him anyway. (rotten deserter... what? 2nd class New England weather, bad roads, crowded conditions and low pay and high housing costs not good enough for you? Had to head west?)

OK, enough about my jealousy... Here are the particulars as we know them now. We can begin the gathering at a small cottage our family owns near the shore in Waterford CT (near New London.) The place is pretty basic, but it gives us a gathering point. The nearby state park is a wonderful spot for photography and merriment - very large, open and welcoming to large group parties and photography. I have set up tripods and LF equipment all over it it and have never been hassled. It's right on the water, and while swimming is prohibited at the beach there, there is plenty of walking, shooting and exploring to be had. The gardens are amazing.

Entry fees are by the carload, so meeting up at the cottage, less than 4 miles away, will minimize the cost of a day at the park.

I'll handle the food aspect of this and all local organization. We'll work out a donation / beverage scheme when we get a number for attendees.

We're thinking Saturday, June 21, all day. Another date might be possible, but I need to plan the family calendar for the cottage use, so we should act quickly. Any takers?