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It takes two to tango. Aren't you the one trying to belittle me as an artsy-fartsy who is bowled over by complex theories?
I responded to your thread with my opinions
After which you told me to get a grip
Apparently because I do not love this painting to the same degree you profess to
It's kind of odd to talk about a painting in a photo site but it's a free world so wtf, I bit.
I guess if I appreciate photography I have to appreciate this painting because it kindasorta relates? OR were you really just trying to show off your expertise at picking these kinda/sorta things out? I don't know. I don't honestly see what there is to talk about regarding the paintings photographic qualities outside of the kinda/sortas you had already pointed out
"so let me get this straight"
Come on ..that's telling me that I was wrong and need to prove to you my point. Why don't you prove to me why it is that I'm wrong? You have the burden if you ask me