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My negs at 6 minutes in 2:2:100 are way thin for a normal SBR of 7. Sandy called for over double of that for a normal range, and I have settled on a time of 17.30 with normal agitation. Since this is going to be a situation not constantly agitating the film wouldn't the times be longer?

I realize that people's times differ but do they normally differ this much? I shoot BPF at 200, like I do the classic 200 since it is the same stuff. would this have something to do with it?
Max, I imagine that the departure of your results from mine are due to the fact that I expose BPF 200 at EI 80 for SBR 7. The only time that I personally would use an EI of 200 would be in extreme expansion situations. Since this film will not give more then one zone of expansion in my testing that is to say that the times that I personally would use EI 200 with BPF 200 would be never.