I wish there had been a warning label!

At Christmas, I inherited my great-grandfather's Bergheil. I don't (um, didn't) shoot large format, but it had a rollfilm back with it. But, geez, that little 6x9 negative hardly uses any of the available real estate, and it's not like it would cost much to buy some sheet film and give it a go, right?---and you see where this is headed...

So the results were OK, particularly when I discovered solarisation. But there are only three film holders, and it's a pain to change out all the sheets, and everyone says the holders show up occasionally on auction sites and so on, so I started lurking for them.

Did you know somebody made a 2x3 springback that fits these cameras? The camera it came mounted on was a low-end no-name with a sticky shutter and a lens that I suspect is crud (f/8 Orionwerk Spezial-Anastigmat, certainly not in a league with the Bergheil's Heliar), but the back is fun, and now I can shoot the 2x3 film that I've got around for Pintoid use. Still wish I had more 9x12 holders, though.

So I lowballed something that was billed as a "Voigtlander Compur" by the seller, since it comes with something like 11 film holders. To my complete surprise I got it; we'll see what it turns out to be.

And in the meantime I'd snagged a Nagel Fordinar, whatever that is, since it has a back that I can't quite figure out but that looks like it might fit on the Bergheil. The original ground glass has a broken corner and maybe I can cannibalise the one from the Nagel.

So I've got two plate cameras in hand, two more on the way, a total of about 20 holders in a mix of 9x12 and 2x3, and my wife wonders what in the hell happened to me and how many cameras are accepted as grounds for involuntary commitment.

Oh, and there's that box of plates, now sitting in a changing bag waiting for me to get a safelight so I can develop them by inspection. Why would anyone want to shoot glass plates at this stage of history, you ask?---and I shrug my shoulders and say, I dunno; I think the camera might enjoy it.

Maybe there's something to that "involuntary commitment" idea.