My tip is for newcomers, as all of you seasoned folks already know this.

When you are first starting to learn about any aspect of photography or darkroom procedures, start by reading books and all the good information on the net. Once you feel that you have an understanding of what it is you want to do, then re-read what you have previously read. You will almost always discover a clearer understanding of the ideas (the light bulb usually goes on for me here) and methods that you seemed to have missed the first read through.

Now is the time to ask well thought out questions in these forums. Armed with that knowledge, be sure to actually put it to use, if even "just once".

This is when you will actually learn. Theory always provides a good blueprint to build upon, but the craftsman skills come from the actual building process. I have learned long ago, by actually doing the process, I refine the theory, understand a great deal more and am able to retain the information for future use without having to back reference the book.

Well most of the time. As I grow older some of the "gray matter" seems to be dying away.