Housekeeping: My Name is Jason Provo. I live in the Kansas City area. Missouri side. I used to frequent APUG. I used to frequent photography. I used to actually use those cameras and I used to develop film and use these things called enlargers to print from these things called negatives.

I'm not sure how a person can be so obsessed with one thing and become obsessed with something else entirely.

Such is life.

Anyway, Photography was something I did in High School, then it found me again about 4 or 5 years ago. I took classes to actually learn this time and not just to flirt with the artsy girls. I learned a bunch. Bought a bunch of cool equipment and took and printed some really nice stuff. I did some portraits, some weddings, got burned out and started just doing my own thing again. I also met my fiance in the school darkroom. That was a pleasant surprise. I guess I haven't grown much since high school

Then one day the school I went to for the darkroom decided to cut back their lab hours and get rid of their lab assistants and, well, they decided to suck.. Then the next day I popped the hood on my Jetta and decided to start working on my car and I hooked up with my old VW car club guys and one thing led to another and now I own 3 jettas, a Corrado and now an Audi TT. I have let German Auto's corrupt me.

I have yet to build my own darkroom, however, I have most of the equipment. I just picked up my stainless steel sink the other day, from my dads shop. I had forgotten how cool it was that I had my own SS sink. Made by a friend of mine. Decided to start hanging drywall in the darkroom and sell all of the extra car parts I have in there.:rolleyes:

Just wanted to say hi..... How is the film world doing? Are we still okay? No last gasps no? I want to shoot and develop and print again....