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So it's a repro camera, could you show a picture of the film end. I'm assuming the cut sheet film would have been held by a clip or clips.

Presumably it was originally on a set of rails so it could be focused at a set magnification factor. Sort of a mini gallery camera.

I wonder if there was provision for a dot screen filter, for half tone reproduction?

You should be able to do some pretty wonderful 1-1 pictures with this.

Mick, here's some pics of the back and film holder. The film holder just has a piece of glass and nothing to hold the film. I'm guessing you just tape the film to it? On the camera back frame there is some adjustable sliders with some clips/springs that look like you could attach something to but it is
not in the same alignment as the ground glass. I don't know how that would work unless there are other backs that you could fit in those sliders. If anyone knows how this works, I would be grateful for the help.