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I have been reading this forum for quite some time and I believe it is time to introduce myself.

I have been doing photography (not as a business) for about 7 years (film only) and my interest has grown stronger as time passes. I am mostly attracted to: still life, landscape & architecture. I have studied with Memo Moreno, master photographer here in Hermosillo.

In 2005 I did set up my darkroom (a Holga enlarger) and love the silver gelatin process. Last December I got a large format camera and made my first exposures with it and the control over the image is just awesome. This weekend I am setting up a beseler 45MX and will begin to enlarge my 4x5 negatives.

I would like to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge & experience and making this site such a valuable resource.

Welcome to APUG - tonight from NYC.

But I also spend time in Tucson and have visited Hermasillo on my way to Guyamas and San Carlos.

Maybe someday we can meet and shoot some film together?