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I suspect not, I've not found a cure for either affliction, though I haven't been looking very hard. Stay away from antique woodworking tools and bicycles though...

I guess I shouldn't get another 9x12 plate camera, should I keep it away from the 5x7, just in case?


Last year I bought a 9x12 ihagee and started coating my own plates ... I had this idea in my head but the limited shift and rise couldn't do what I envisioned. The lensbaby was a little too over the top for what I had in mind (not even sure I like the lensbaby to be honest).

So one day I develop some plates, after they've dried I'm tilting them just so so I can see them as positives which gets my head churning.

Four months later I had a 5x7 camera and by this summer I'll be doing ambrotypes.

I promised the other half this was the end I'd never get another camera evar. Little does he know the new obsession is old brass lenses ...

I'm doomed.