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From the information on your homepage, I gather that Fujimotos doesn't work with the Stopclock, due to being "closed-loop control systems". Does this apply to the G70 also? Are there any exceptions when it comes to Fujimotos?
I've never seen one of these enlargers but from what little I know about them, they normally have some sort of computerised exposure system built in. A brief Google threw up this APUG thread which suggests the computer bit is separate from the enlarger proper. If that is the case with yours, and the computer control can either be disconnected and/or removed, then you can probably use the StopClock with it. Remember the StopClock is simply a mains on-off switch as far as the enlarger is concerned, so if you can control the enlarger by switching the mains power to it, then you can use the StopClock. Remember to keep the transformer, if any - applying mains power direct to the lamp (which is probably a low voltage one if it's a dichro head) will blow it instantly!