I've used a G70 enlarger a bit. A friend had one about 15 years ago, it developed a problem with the electronics. Basically there is a complete closed loop colour system built into the bottom of the baseboard.

We managed to run the enlarger manually using an old Stag 30 second timer (Baurle or something like that)

Whatever, it is possible to work around the electronic doo-dahs.

Great enlarger, one interesting point is the possibility of using either a condenser or diffused head by simply turning the head 180 degrees.

It has a built in colour analyser built into the negative stage at the bottom of the bellows. I think it measures 6 colours and is a beautifully simple system.

There is also a density probe built in, you take a reading (after calibration of course) and it will automatically adjust the timer.

By the way the enlarger is primarily designed to do colour work, but you can do B&W easily.

The colour programmes are also designed to do readings in negative or positive modes. It was on the market when Cibachrome was a serious colour option for home darkroom workers.

It will do a 20 x 24 print with a 6x7 neg but the baseboard is that size (I think) and it is a tight fit.

I believe this enlarger was quite unique and way ahead of most of the competition in it's day, and today!