Hello community.
I cannot believe my eyes running upon a photography forum that still talks analog.. :-), seems like a science fiction nowadays..

I'm still analog guy, neither intending to "betray" for a "dark side" in any foreseable future, which doesn't mean I hate digital.
Moreover, just a few months ago I stepped into my liong-term dream - Medium Format. In fact, I grateful to digital era allowing to all these who just kept dreaming about MF not being able to afford it to make the dream true.

So besides of my Canon EOS-3 with all the stuff, I own Bronica GS-1 (6x7) with a standard 100/3.5 PG lens so far.

I really hoping to learn and soak any useful MF shooting experiences and knowledges you share here.

Meanwhile, it's my pleasure to invite all of you to my personal site:
where you will see my galleries, few articles and for these among you curious "who is this guy" there is also About Us chapter...

Sincerely, Alex