Fotokemika Emaks paper is about as good as it gets in my opinion. I have no opinion on Slavich, I haven't tried it. Price doesn't necessarily equal pictorial quality, but Ilford Galerie is supposed to be the cat's meow in many aspects. It's way too expensive for me, especially since you probably want to stock up on a couple of grades at least.

The Emaks is very rich in its tones. The gloss is not as glossy as some others, but I like that. Tonal separation is just awesome. It responds well to both selenium and sepia toner too. It's a winner in all aspects as far as I'm concerned. Even if someone told me I could get slightly better white or black with another paper, I like this one, because it does so little wrong.

You may be very pleasantly surprised by it. But I also know of folks that have been disappointed by it.

- Thomas