Don, regarding that review and the comments on sharpness, this is a simple issue, the M8 has no lowpass filter. Now, I really don't like the idea of letting some canned software do moire removal for me, that should be something one can do externally using a raw camera file. You can inexpensively take the AA filter off a 5D and it will give you more sharpness, and you can also take the raw file and do moire reduction if necessary. Best of both worlds.

Also, having to use an external hot (and maybe also cold) mirror on the M8 is an immediate disqualifier for me. Especially using premium wide and fast lenses, that is a very bitter pill. It is inexplicable to me that some who know better can't admit that this is a big deal for people who shoot wide angles and/or fast lenses.

Frankly I think Leica pulled a hoodwink here: if Leica had said upfront that people would sometimes have to put a hot mirror over their prized lenses, how many cameras would have sold? Fewer, far fewer. They knew very well that the camera had major issues, but pushed it to market prematurely. I suspect that this is why their Chairman was fired. Now after all these insults to the intelligence of RFers, Leica has a dodgy upgrade program and they are trying to sell sapphire covers at high cost... What can I say that isn't obvious.

Anyway enough discussion of digital problems, let the digital sites deal with this stuff. I just hated to see digital pull Leica down.