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That's a great idea using the RC drying frame in one some kind of tub that's large enough. Instead of installing the tubing I would use the Kodak siphon I have or just have water just go in one side from a faucet and out the other occasionally dumping the entire contents. My problem I can't seem to find some kind of tub that is the right size. I'm looking for something that would fit the RC frame and do 11X14 prints.
Go to your local fish store and ask to look at their aquariums.

I made a print washer from an aquarium, an old tray washer (I use the part that fits on the faucet and the tube that the water comes out of), a small waterproof pump (at $35 the most expensive component and really not necessary) a clear hose, and some plexiglass. It works very well. Do the prints stick to the sides? Sometimes. I stick my hand in and move them when it happens. For 1/100th of the price of a new one I can live with a little inconvenience. I also wash my 4x5 sheet film in it. I can do 20 sheets of 4x5 or 10 8x10 at a time, though I only do 6 because that is the number of btzs tubes I have. I recommend trying it if you want to save some money. I think there was a thread about these here about two months ago.

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