Dear APUG subscribers/members/visitors,

I am pleased to announce that expands its business from the production of (what some call the best classic ground glass) GVB groundglass to the resale of sheet film.

As our business is focussed on the users of view cameras, we only stock and sell the very fine Wephota sheet films, rollfilm formats will not be stocked and/or sold.
We(*) have a permanent stock for immediate delivery in the most popular sheet film formats (4x5" and 8x10") in 25ASA, 100ASA and 400ASA in 25 sheet boxes. Depending on the popularity, other formats will be added to our permanent stock.
Other sizes are available on simple demand in all film speed variations. We will gladly order specialty film sizes for you.

Please consult the prices here
Prices start from € 13,00 for a 25 sheet box in 4x5" film format

For those who have never heard of Wephota before:
As a long time Wephota sheet film user myself (mostly in 8x10" format), I can assure its quality. Over a few hundred sheets that I burned in the last year, I could never see any coating or other defects.

Kind regards,

(*) pluralis majestatis