My number one trick so to speak is:


Nothing sucks the creative juices out of you quicker. Now on to more photo specific:
> meter the north sky, it's pretty much 18%
> always carry the small Kodak Photograpers Guide, a wealth of info
> I hang my camera bag from the center of my tripod to give it extra stability
> I tripod almost everything I do, even 35mm (it makes a difference even at higher shutter speeds)
> carry a small tool kit

I also GPS all my shots so I can add it to my notes and if I ever want to go back to a spot exactly it's a no brainer. I can also plan when to be there based on sun and moon info from the GPS. So if I'm going back to a spot in Malaysia that I did 3 years ago and want a specific kind of light I can do some pre planning. Logistics will kill ya.

> always have a backup camera