Contact prints from Azo would certainly appear to be an alternative to his process. However I think that his efforts are almost in a league apart from others work, both in results and also in print sizes.

I believe that the advantage to what he does is that he gains greater tonal separation especially notable in the shadows and lower midtones. I have never seen any print to have the degree of tonal separation that he is able to produce.

The other advantage is that he produces large prints. Most commonly 30X40 and larger. So that would not be possible since Azo is limited in it's maximum size. He has indicated a fairly large segment of his sales are to corporate accounts and collectors.

The level of investment that he has in equipment is astounding. One of his enlargers cost $65,000.00. He has designed and produced some custom processing equipment in addition to what he has purchased. This fellow has a level of dedication that is admirable.