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I want to try playing with some FB paper and toning but, still being very new don't want to spend the $$$ on Oriental or Ilford Gallerie since I'll just be blowing through it experimenting. Looking on Freestyle, Fotokemika Emaks and Slavich Unibrom seem to be the 2 cheapest graded FB papers. Any thoughts on one over the other or any others?

Emaks FB is my standard paper not just because I live less than a 10km from factory but also because I like the paper.

At first let me say something about paper grading since Fotokemika is marking it differently for US and European market. There is 3 grades, Soft, Normal and Hard. In Europe it is grade 1, G2 and G3. In US same paper have G2, G3 and G4 marks. I guess it would be better to call it Soft, Normal and Hard just to avoid misunderstanding.

You can found some information at http://www.adox.de/english/ADOX_Pape...rs/Nuance.html and datasheet at http://www.fotokemika.hr/hr/detalji/...li-papir/emaks

As you can see in datasheet Hard gradation is more like Normal and a half instead really full grade harder than Normal. Also, you can see that different grades don't have same sensitivity to light and Hard must be exposed considerably longer.

The paper is slightly warmtone and I didn't notice tone difference between grades but I recently bough my first box of Soft grade so I have a limited experience with it.
The base, as someone said it, don't have whitening so don't expect spark highlights. It is very nice paper for portraits but the Sun reflection on chromed objects look a little bit dull. I'm looking for some information if there is some afterbath to improve that.

Notice the information at Adox site:
"However some modern developers are formulated and their respective dilution as well as capacity is given for RC papers with incorporated developing substances. These developers will "give up" if confronted with the silver content of Nuance and the prints will not achieve maximum values."
So far I bath the paper in Ilford Multigrade, Warmtone and Cooltone developers and Zone VI and at beginning in Fotokemika FR16 universal developer. I don't know much about each developer but I had mixed results, sometimes because of badly exposed or developed negatives.
Still looking for chemistry to try it in Ansco 130/120 and would like to try some Amidol or PPPD developer but the chemistry is not easy to found in Croatia so I think it will be on my wish list for a very long time.
Honestly I don't remember results I was getting with FR16 but I didn't notice easily noticeable difference between Zone VI and Ilford Multigrade developer. Results are neutral to very subtle warm toned.
In Warmtone developer 1+9 it is very similar to Zone VI and Multigrade but at 1+19 dilution it is slightly more warm toned. Opposite to that in Cooltone developer 1+9 it is noticeable colder but 1+19 dilution is just like 1+9 Wormtone, pretty neutral tone.
I don't have densitometer so all this is pure visual observation and most of the time different negatives.

Still didn't try it in toners but will buy Agfa Viradon brown toner soon.
IST is expensive here (and usually not on store shelf) and KRST is not available at all.

I also try some Ilford RC and FB papers, Forte Polywarmtone and Fotokemika Varycon. Forte is excellent paper but not available any more. Emaks is my second best but sometimes even better than Forte.

So, don't know what else to say. If you can understand my English and have some questions don't hesitate to ask it. :-)

Greetings from Croatia,