thanks for the interest and questions and the first orders .

Film is cut from master rolls on demand, so virtually any possible size is available for order.


I'd like to provide whole plate films, no problem, but alike the 7x17" I am awaiting the price. You will see those film sizes on my site when I get them.


it's some time since I used Ilford films. I used to develop them in rodinal, but now I use a staining developer for the Wephota films, so comparing is difficult.
I still use Fortepan 200 in 7x17, untill I run out of my personal stock.

Regarding film speed, I have a personal EI of 80 for NP22 (100ASA box speed). I am currently setting my EI for the 25 and 400ASA films and will finalize it next weekend.

Kind regards,