I have a very close half bath downstairs at home and, for just starting out, works very nicely. I keep a short stool handy outside the door for setting tank, spools, opener, scissors when loading, sit on it in front of the sink while processing (small enough to fit between the sink and the wall, chair is too cumbersome) and for standing on to hang the film from the small piece of mechanics wire that I jammed into the trimming between the upper wall and the ceiling. Hopper lid down to hold bottle and chems while mixing. The sink is recessed and has walls on three sides, great for leaning ready-to-pour chem bottles against for UBER-easy access. Also holds thermometer for checking/maintaining water temp (I just use tap/take a drink first to test for city chemicals in water). Moved bathroom type supplies to the hall closet just outside and now I can store all of my processing gear neatly under the sink in the cabinet. No printing yet so, well, no printing yet. If you want some pics let me know and next time I go, I'll have the wifey take a few while I'm at it.