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you think Sarasota is a wastland come down here to Fort Myers. The only two stores are Ritz which isn't a camera store and Harmans where I went into and ask why they don't carry Fiber base paper and there answer was" No one uses that anymore only RC" DAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! AND YES FLORIDA SUCKS WHEN IT COMES TO ANYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH SUPPLIES. If you can't do it over the internet forget it. I was in miami and out of 4x5 film one time and none of the stores carried it in black and white and that is miami.

mike a
As you know, I feel you pain.

I'm surprised you even tried to find 4x5 film of any kind in Miami. Why bother?

My first photo mail orders were in 1964, a used rangefinder Yashica 35mm camera from NY and then a film order across the country to Freestyle. When I walked in their doors 17 years later, and many times living in LA, it like just way too cool. Yeah, it really exists. I placed an order with them a month ago, which makes me a 44 year customer.

Thank God for the internet and delivery services.