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Zen and the Art of LF Repair (?)

pellicle; I'm definitely heading to Yodobashi.

Have a great time on APUG.

hey, and don't forget Bic camera (bii ku biku bicku bic ka meh ra)

They've probably re-organised it since I was there last, but straight outa shinjuku eki (south exit) and turn right to head to the Yodobashi series of buildings, heaps of stuff there!

my favourite second hand joint is up stairs off Meiji dori (heading out of the north east exit. but there's plenty of kamera ya san around there!

something like about about here

just on the east side of the chuosen a near where it says 430 on that map (near the seven eleven). I got my Fujinon SW 90 f8 there for ni-man nana sen en there! And wish I'd picked up a 200f.28 USM for my EOS 630 too!

If you've not tried it, grab a roll of fuji NC 160 ... I'm not sure if its exactly the same as the S we get here, but I've not run out of my last box from there yet.

btw .. if you can, ask them what's the go with the Fuji 6x9 bessa II copy ()

dam ... what am I doing here in Finland again??